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Hello, I’m Marcin

I work as a Manufacturing and Warehouse Manager

I manage the production process of pure and flavored water, I implement innovations in the production process and I care about the development of professional competences of my team.

My journey so far
  • Automation Specialist
  • Production and Warehouse Manager

We operate very efficiently

The One Planet. One Health vision means caring for the environment in every aspect of the production process - from the bottle to the store shelf.

This vision allows me to develop all the time and prove that I am able to deal with the challenges facing me.

Trust, respect and freedom of action
Trust, respect and freedom of action

The team consists of passionate, creative and positive people.

Each team member is an individualist who brings something positive to the team.

Among other things, thanks to this, none of my working days is the same as the previous one.

I care about the efficiency of the production process

The biggest challenge in my career at DANONE so far has been the change of location and increasing the scope of duties along with the challenge of launching the newest production line in Żywiec Zdrój.

I am constantly working with my team to increase their independence and implement larger amounts of new solutions.

Feeling of fulfillment and responsibility

DANONE actively supports employee development

And also offers many opportunities, both in terms of location and various departments. It is me who decides what I want to do and builds my plan to achieve my goals together with my supervisor and the HR team who monitors and supports the development.

Marcin is looking for energetic and technical people to join DANONE. Sounds like you?