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Hello, I’m Paulina

I’m FP&A & Cash Flow Senior Controller Poland & Nordics

After a short time In DANONE and a finance function I knew that this was what I want to do in comming years.

My journey so far
  • Accountant
  • Analyst
  • Controller
  • FP&A Financial Controller

DANONE is a really nice company

We all play to the same goal. This applies to all aspects of our business, both caring for the environment and our planet, as well as promoting our healthy products.

We also care about people and their needs, e.g. through appropriate cooperation and supporting our suppliers.

People are important to me at work
People are important to me at work

DANONE has a lot of trust and respect for people

On the one hand, each employee is completely different (has different passions, different life and family situations), and on the other hand, we all get along so well.

We have similar values, a sense of humor. We all have respect and trust in each other. There is "Chemistry" between us.

DANONE is not only an office where you come for 8 hours

In previous years, I was a volunteer of the "Share Your Meal" campaign.

Additionally, in my team I have the role of an "event organizer" in my department - I take care of outings, Christmas Eve and other meetings.

DANONE focuses on development and independence

My self-confidence and self-esteem have increased

My attitude has changed tremendously. Seeing people appreciating, motivating and praising me has increased my motivation to work enormously.

Paulina is looking for energetic and ambitious people to join DANONE. Sounds like you?