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a force for good

B Corps (B Corporations) are mission-driven businesses operating as a force for good. They do business in ways that are not only good for their shareholders, but good for their employees, customers, communities, suppliers and the environment.

Our B Corp Journey

Danone is aiming for B Corp certification across all global business entities by 2025, – highlighting our dedication to doing business in the best way possible.

In 2022 we proudly announced that all Danone operations in the UK & Ireland are now B Corp certified, making us one of the largest B Corps in the region. This is our journey -

driving positive change in the uk & ireland

Danone is the first top 10 branded food and healthcare manufacturer in the UK & Ireland to certify as a B Corp. We are part of a growing global community set up to balance purpose and profit, helping to create a better world while thriving as businesses.

Being part of the B Corp movement helps to accelerate collective progress to tackle the social and environmental issues we face. As one of the largest B Corps in the UK and Ireland, we will continue to do more to meet the needs of people and planet.

our B corp score

B Corp certification is managed by B Lab, a non-profit network transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities and the planet. 


Certification is a comprehensive and rigorous process, completing the B Impact Assessment, businesses must achieve a score of 80+ and undergo recertification every 3 years. 


Doing business in the best way for the health of people and the planet is embedded in Danone’s DNA.