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Hi, I’m Derek

I’m a Metabolic & Ketogenic Specialist Chef

My role is to take our Nutricia products and create exciting recipes for our patients, sharing some top tips and tricks to get the most out of them. I get to travel the world and do cooking demonstrations for patients and healthcare professionals. I feel very lucky to have such a unique role, being the only chef in Danone, globally! 

My journey so far

Making a difference every day

Our 'One Planet, One Health' mission is really important to me. As part of my role, I am required to source ingredients for my recipes, and since joining Danone I am more conscious of where those ingredients come from and the impact that has. I also get to see the direct impact my work has on our patients and consumers, which is really rewarding. 

"Everyone is so friendly and helpful"
"Everyone is so friendly and helpful"

So many ways to connect

I work remotely in a standalone role but working for Danone I am able to connect with others through various platforms and initiatives. I feel that Danone really care for me and my contribution is always recognised. 

"There’s so much variety in my day to day"
"There’s so much variety in my day to day"

Building connections and sharing

I live in close proximity to our Liverpool production site, which has enabled me to get involved in various projects and see a different side to the business. I’ve been fortunate to get involved in other projects/initiatives across different teams and locations also, from working with our teams in Argentina, to collaborating and sharing my knowledge with the Marketing & Social Media teams, it’s great to be a part of and to learn & share. 

Learning new things that I never dreamed I would!

Equipping us to do our job and more

I’ve experienced lots of learning and training programmes in my time with Danone. I’ve been able to upskill myself on things I never foresaw I would be involved in within my career, such as learning how to professionally photograph food – which is a great skill for a chef! 

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