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Our Teams

Our teams are working together to achieve our One Planet, One Health vision.


Our Customer Service team provide an exceptional level of service to our Nutricia Homeward patients and customers, resolving queries with a “One Call Resolution” approach.

We always strive to do better and to care more about everything that we do. We believe that this is the way we can continue to make a positive difference.


Our Finance team drives business performance. We have our fingers on the pulse of the business, driving performance by sharing key insights and guiding and informing key outcomes to drive value. 


We are a team with multiple disciplines, responsible for shaping and protecting the reputation of the business and our brands. Communicating key messages to our consumers, employees and stakeholders.


We monitor legal & regulatory changes and provide strategic guidance, as well as working to achieve our sustainability goals and being a force for good as part of the BCorp community. 

Human Resources

Our HR team plays a key role in creating and executing our strategic people plan, aligned with our business goals. We safeguard our most valuable assets – our people and culture.


We're a forward-thinking team, that prioritises efficiency, expertise, and adaptability. We're deeply integrated with the business, providing insights to shape HR strategies and cultivate leadership and culture.

IT & Data

Our IT & Data team fuels business growth by delivering top-tier systems and technical expertise. Our mission: "Fueling Danone with data & tech inspiration and empowerment," aligns with our One Planet. One Health vision for sustainable, profitable growth. 

Manufacturing, Quality & Food Safety

Quality, efficiency, and safety all play a big role in our work. Manufacturing the best products and supplying them to meet demand is a key driver for the team.


From product innovations and ingredient choices to our marketing and delivery methods, it’s our job to ensure consumers get the very best.


Our Marketing team takes centre stage in shaping the future of our brands. They are the architects of brand strategy, they don't just market products; they craft brand legacies.


As storytellers, we are armed with the power to influence stakeholders and direct projects that drive brand and business growth. 

medical & health affairs

We work to create a strategy for our healthcare brands and build awareness of our products.


We work with Health Care Professionals providing education and guidance on our products with expert clinical advice. 


Our nursing teams work directly in the field with our patients, ensuring they get the support and nutrition they need, as well as working with Health Care Professionals providing education and guidance on our products with expert clinical advice. 

Office Services

Our Office Service team help to provide a great working environment for Danone employees in all 3 of our offices across the UK and Ireland. This fast-paced team offers an excellent opportunity to hit the ground running from the get-go and involved in different facilities projects and help shape how our offices look and run. 


It’s our job to secure key resources like milk, water and plastic and find strategic approaches to our procurement. We work with colleagues to find suppliers and resources that fit with our business goals, promote a circular economy and support Danone’s One Planet, One Health vision.


Our Sales team plays a pivotal role in fostering profitable growth by closely aligning with the broader business strategy to enhance sales, cash flow, and overall profitability. Collaboration with various departments and functions is key to our success, ensuring a holistic approach to achieving our goals.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Our Supply Chain and Logistics team power our business. Collaborating across functions to successfully deliver our products to meet demand is a key driver for the team, but we balance that with a commitment to the growth of our people and respect for the environment.