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our teams

Various teams all working together to achieve our One Planet. One Health vision


We’re focused on growing Danone’s brands and categories. We develop consumer, healthcare professional and patient strategies, along with unique customer experiences that communicate the benefits of our products, innovations and services. Building relationships is key: between our brands, healthcare professionals, consumers and stakeholders.


We work across channels and categories to raise awareness of Danones products that create value for our customers and patients. We’re a team of entrepreneurs with a focus on delivering our strategy through building trusted commercial relationships.


Everyone in our team shares a passion for innovation: new process, new formulas, new packaging and new ways of thinking. We use our scientific and technological expertise to bring health through food, meet the needs of consumers and nurture growth in the business.


Quality, efficiency, and safety all play a big role in our work. Manufacturing the best products and supplying them to meet demand is a key driver for the team, but we balance that with a commitment to the growth of our people and a respect for the environment.


Manufacturing the best products and supplying them to meet customer availability is a key driver for the team. Navigating logistics, transport, demand and supply , ensuring that our customers have a consistent supply of products is paramount. 


We make sure everything Danone does is rooted in quality – right along the value chain. From product innovations and ingredient choice, through to our marketing and delivery methods, it’s our job to ensure consumers get the very best.


Our work ranges from the highly technical and compliance to more business interactive roles. Central to everything is anticipating risk and evaluating its possible financial impact. Together, we guide and protect Danone towards paving the way to superior, sustainable profitable growth.