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a force for good

B Corps™ (B Corporations) are mission-driven companies that deploy their activities as a force for good. These are businesses that meet high, verified standards for social and environmental performance, transparency, and social accountability. B Corps go beyond merely creating shareholder value. As a B Corp™, Danone not only feels responsible but also takes accountability for its actions and choices. We take pride in being part of this global community of like-minded companies.

Our Journey to B Corp Certification

By 2025, Danone aims to be fully B Corp™ certified globally. This ambition underscores our belief in conducting business in a sustainable and equitable manner, with consideration for our environment. Below is the path that Danone Netherlands and Danone Belgium & Luxembourg have taken to become certified B Corps™.

A Catalyst for Positive Change

Being part of the B Corp movement helps Danone drive positive change, such as in the areas of sustainability and creating value for customers and employees. Danone's B Corp certification is not isolated; it is part of our ambition to make a positive impact in the areas of bringing health through nutrition, conserving and restoring nature, and caring for people and communities. Within those domains, specific goals are set for 2025 and 2030, detailed in the Danone Impact Journey.


B Corp certification is issued and managed by B Lab, a non-profit network organization with the aim of making the world economy work for all people, communities, and the planet. Certification is a comprehensive and rigorous process where companies must complete a 'B Impact Assessment' and achieve a score of 80 points or more. Recertification takes place every 3 years.