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Our DUTCH Locations

Discover the different working locations we have in The Netherlands.

Flexible Working

Across the Netherlands

We’ve adopted hybrid working where possible, this means we have opportunities for Danoners, depending their role, to combine working from one of our locations with working from home. What matters is that we’re able to adapt to how teams work best. Offices are increasingly set-up to have zones for quiet work, places to meet and areas to collaborate with your colleagues, depending on your needs. 

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Utrecht Research & Innovation Center

Uppsalalaan 12, 3584 CT Utrecht, Netherlands

With over 40 nationalities represented, our R&I team in Utrecht is truly diverse. In modern and innovative research facilities, Danoners enjoy a flexible working environment to create products and services that make a significant positive impact on people’s lives. Their expertize and passion, combined with high quality research, allows us to pioneer specialized nutrition for every stage of life. 

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Cuijk-Haps Factory

Schuttersweg 12, 5443 Haps, Netherlands

Our talented team produces beneficial products, such as high-quality food for babies and young children with food allergies. Danoners in this new factory really make a difference in the first 1000 days of a human life and enjoy a professional but down to earth culture. Nutricia has been a local brand in Cuijk for over 100 years, and this facility is set to grow with the brand in years to come.

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Hoofddorp Office

Taurusavenue 167, 2132 LS Hoofddorp, Netherlands

Our brand-new, state of the art headquarters is home to a wide range of functions, with over 800 Danoners in the team and over 50 nationalities represented! Danone Place Amsterdam is an amazing ‘smart’ building, providing a sustainable, healthy, and vibrant workplace. It’s here where we work on global strategies, build global networks, and make a global impact. With the help of a great canteen!  

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Zoetermeer Factory

Eerste Stationsstraat 186, 2712 HM Zoetermeer, Netherlands

There’s been a factory at this location for 125 years, and currently we’re working to make sure it’s ready for the next 125 years to come. With 500 Danoners working in shifts, Zoetermeer produces vital liquid medical nutrition that’s exported to over 80 countries worldwide, supporting the needs of those in later life. It’s an informal, friendly place to work, where everyone’s voice gets heard.

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The Lobby Rijswijk

Lange Kleiweg 6, 2288 GK Rijswijk

Our latest new office, inaugurated in 2024  with a new workspace fully modern and sustainable, reaffirming Danone's commitment to a dynamic and environmentally conscious workplace. It's now home to an enthusiastic team of Danoners. Serving as the headquarters for approximately 350 employees.

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