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Hi, my name is Adrien

I’m a Supply Planner

To import the products to France, I work with our Belgian colleagues. I even learnt some Flemish words: “Hoe gaat het?” which means "How are you?"

My journey so far
  • - 2017 - Facilities Project Manager
  • - 2019 - Supply Planner

I work for the brand Alpro

At Danone, it’s a striking symbol that shows the evolution of our consumption patterns. We regularly face challenges when it comes to delivering the products in the stores. To succeed, we have a direct impact on the supply chain, and we need to be creative and united.

This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon !
This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon !

Being close makes it easier

Communication, transparency, and acceptance are at the heart of our daily interactions; this way we allow ourselves to share and bound together.

The plant-based production is a brand-new world in the Supply Chain!

We deal with new products, new factories, new logistical flows and we need to redesign our methods and processes and find new ideas to deliver our innovations to the stores.

Now I know in advance what you’re going to consume in the future!


Managers and HR teams supported me in my mobility. Regarding my background in Production, it made sense for me to move into a job that was closer to the business, linking the factory and the customer: Supply Chain.  

It got real when I had this great opportunity to build myself a career!

Adrien is looking for tomorrow’s Supply leaders. What if it were you?