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Hello, I’m David!

I am a Design & Innovation Portfolio Manager in the IT&Data team

My job aims at supporting IT teams and identifying user issues. We work together to find innovative solutions and meet their expectations.

My journey so far
  • - 2014 - Project Manager & Innovation in IT R&I Consultant
  • - 2018 - Consultant in Innovation R&I Waters
  • - 2019 - Strategic designer – Ekino (Havas group)
  • - 2020 - Design & Innovation Portfolio Manager

Uniqueness makes our teams strong

Uniqueness brings out new ideas. We have improved safety and the monitoring of laboratory experiments thanks to a digital solution we provided as the result of a group workshop, for instance.

Flash news: this workshop allowed R&I teams to work with us remotely.

We have a trusting relationship with our managers
We have a trusting relationship with our managers

We provide tailored support!

The “One Planet.One Health.” culture we embody involves trusting relationships based on benevolence, humor and closeness. We can share the way we feel, be listened to, and ask for help if needed, through regular meetings with the manager.

I’m so lucky to have the possibility to shape new working patterns

Just like many other companies, we conduct projects to shape new working patterns, especially since the Covid pandemic.

I’m lucky to participate and showcase my skills during co-development workshops for instance. That’s great!

Learning is trying out often and failing a lot!

Being in contact with the IT&DATA teams makes me grow every day

Interacting with others makes us able to broaden our range of expertise and knowledge. We develop new methods to understand the field and improve everyone's daily life, thanks to adapted technological innovations.

David is looking for benevolent and ambitious co-workers. What if it were you?