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Hello, I’m David!

I’m Innovation & Design Lead in IT&DATA

I work with a talented team and netwerk of Danoners, developing tech innovation projects all over the world. Together we make sure great user-focused design is at the heart of our innovation and delighting the people we serve: consumers, healthcare professionals, employees, etc

My journey so far
  • - 2014 - Project Manager & Innovation in IT R&I Consultant
  • - 2018 - Consultant in Innovation R&I Waters
  • - 2019 - Strategic designer – Ekino (Havas group)
  • - 2020 - Design & Innovation Portfolio Manager

Improving lives

Danoners love exploring and finding solutions. In my team we serve all sorts of different people - employees, retailers, consumers, healthcare professionals. We dedicate  a lot of time learning about the journeys, the reality, the lives, of our different users. Once we really understand what they need, we design solutions for them that make an impact with maximum benefit. Our world is evolving super-fast, and technology is playing a vital role  improving people’s journey.

I love that my work enhances peoples’ lives
I love that my work enhances peoples’ lives

Technology that makes a difference

The key thing in my work is to bring value to people. It’s not about technology for technology’s sake. It’s about what design and tech can do to enhance peoples’ lives. Danone is all about people!

New challenges, new opportunities

I like new challenges; I don’t like to stay in a comfort zone too long. At Danone, there’s always opportunity to try new things, it’s an entrepreneurial culture. Following some conversations I had with Danoners on another project. A great example is that we reallt make time to create new products together. They bring value to healthcare professionals and their patients, and contributing to our ‘One Planet. One Health.’ mission. I’m lucky to be part of an amazing project team where everyone is so engaged!

There’s every support to make great things happen

Making connections that make a difference

Here at Danone everyone’s ideas are welcomed and listened to. There’s encouragement to make connections and explore the business. With the right mindset and willingness to learn you don’t need to wait for things to happen, you can talk to anyone at any level and find opportunities.

David is looking for benevolent and ambitious co-workers. What if it were you?