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Various teams all working together to achieve our One Planet. One Health vision


We’re focused on growing Danone’s brands and categories. We develop consumer strategies and unique customer experiences that communicate the benefits of our products and innovations. Building relationships is key: between our brands, healthcare professionals, consumers and stakeholders.


Everyone in our team shares a passion for innovation: new process, new formulas, new packaging and new ways of thinking. We use our scientific and technological expertise to bring health through food, meet the needs of consumers and nurture growth in the business.


Quality, efficiency, and safety all play a big role in our work. Manufacturing the best products and supplying them to meet demand is a key driver for the team, but we balance that with a commitment to the growth of our people and a respect for the environment.


It's our job to monitor legal and regulatory changes and provide strategic guidance. We work with colleagues across Danone on everything from contracts to food science. We assess the risks, evaluate effects and propose sustainable solutions that have a positive impact.


It’s our job to secure key resources like milk, water and plastic and find strategic approaches to our procurement. We work with colleagues to find suppliers and resources that fit with our business goals, promote a circular economy and support Danone’s One Planet, One Health vision.


We work across regions, across categories and across the business to raise awareness of our products and help our clients to sell them. We’re a team of entrepreneurs with a focus on strategy, negotiation and building relationships.


We shape the reputation of the business and our brands. It's our job to make sure people know what makes Danone unique, and the positive impact we have. We develop strategies to communicate these key messages to consumers, employees and stakeholders.


Our work ranges from highly technical to more business-led roles. Central to all of it is anticipating and evaluating the financial impact of decisions and finding the right way forward. We work with teams across the company to ensure Danone continues to grow.


We make sure everything Danone does is rooted in quality – right along the value chain. From product innovations and ingredient choice, through to our marketing and delivery methods, it’s our job to ensure consumers get the very best.


Our mission is to cultivate Danone's unique culture and help the business sustainably grow. We attract talent and support our people to develop, we unite employees across the globe and we're proud to make an impact on society as a whole.


Transformation, innovation and efficiency all play a big part in our role at Danone. We make sure people have the systems and the materials they need, look for new way we can use technology and introduce innovations that help the business sustainably grow.