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Hi everyone, I’m Benjamin

I’m a Senior Supply Planning Manager

I’m based in Singapore and I look after our end to end supply chain, making sure our products always reach the consumers. 

My journey so far
  • Joined Danone Singapore
  • Expanded Scope – Malaysia & Singapore

My work gives families real peace of mind

My work has a massive impact on families with young children. The main category I deal with, our specialized nutrition, has a really robust supply chain and is of the highest quality. I help families feel safe and secure in the reassurance that they will always be able to get the food they need for their young children. It’s essential for them, it’s essential for their children’s health, and it feels good to ensure supplies are available.

Every employee is valued and supported!
Every employee is valued and supported!

Danone is very diverse, and all views are welcome

We’re encouraged to share opinions, and we get listened to at all levels. My colleagues are from all walks of life, which brings fresh perspectives, as well as challenges, but we all adapt and learn.

At Danone you can go beyond what you thought possible

My particular team is lean and efficient, and it’s often necessary to work on a number of different projects in a number of different ways. So I’m often involved in planning, logistics, and project management. This all helps me to build new skills, face new challenges, and learn from my experiences.

My career goal is to always be learning!

Opportunities to share best practice and build my network

We have regular classroom training sessions, but I particularly enjoy the workshops that my manager facilitates to bring supply chain colleagues together from across different countries. We’re able to talk freely to share experiences and best practices, and we build our knowledge and networks.

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