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Hello, I’m Tanakul

I’m a Group Key Accounts Manager

I’m based in Thailand and I work closely with our retail partners to bring our nutritious products to more and more consumers.

My journey so far
  • Promoted to Key Account Manager
  • Moved to Trade Marketing (CCD)
  • Promoted to Group Key Account Manager

Meaningful work, with a positive impact

Every Danoner makes an impact with their work. I’m proud to have played a pivotal role in launching a new UHT product to the market. I managed the strategy, marketing, sales - all aspects of the process. I had to communicate clearly, get all the different departments collaborating and get our new product noticed by consumers. It’s gone on to be a very successful product for Danone and I’m proud of the impact I had on achieving that success. 

Fantastic locations and great people
Fantastic locations and great people

Danone is like a family!

We have some fantastic locations, and we can rotate across those locations to take up different roles within our function. I’ve been able to travel and take on some great opportunities.

There’s flexibility, and encouragement to explore

Danone Thailand currently has ten priority projects and we all get involved in some of these, building different skills and gaining new perspectives. People may think Danone is all about commercial results, but it’s very flexible, everyone is encouraged to try new things and not be scared to take a risk.

I learn most on the job, through my experiences!

I’m supported to follow my career dreams

I’ve learned so much by experience. I’ve shadowed my managers to improve certain skills and there’s been more formal learning as well. I was keen to progress and my manager has guided me to do that, showing me the kind of things I needed to learn, and now I have a clear career path for my future.

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