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Hello, I'm Akira

Hi, I’m Akira.

I’m on the supply planning team in the operations department. I usually make yogurt production schedules and coordinate Alpro import and purchasing plans.

My journey so far
  • Sr. Specialist, Production Planing
  • Manager, Supply Planning
  • Sr. Manager, Customer Delivery

difficult challenges keeps me motivated

We do have a lot of difficult tasks, but our role is to strike a balance between supply and demand, and when we accomplish that, it’s rewarding.

I am proud to have an talented colleagues.
I am proud to have an talented colleagues.

we are professionals in our own areas

Many people in Danone has a positive mindset.

Everyone thinks positively about what to do, even in tough situations.

The Most Challenging Experience

Shortly after I joined the company, there was a time when the team was very small. At that time, I was desperately struggling to figure out how to be more efficient and just get through each day. That was the hardest, toughest thing for me, but I think it taught me more than anything else.

Unstoppable Challenges& Growth

I always do my job with the idea that I can do anything if I think of a way to do it. The company culture doesn’t criticize failure, so I try not to give up on challenges for myself and my team.

My journey so far

Join us

Akira is looking for open-minded people who want tough coworkers to join Danone!