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Hello, I'm Rieko

I’m in charge of package sourcing and procurement at C&P department.

I joined Danone in 2010.

My journey so far
  • Buyer, In-direct
  • Buyer, Raw Materials
  • Manager, Packaging Materials

The best part of my job

I have many opportunities to meet with professional suppliers from outside the company. I feel responsibility and an emotional attachment to the fact that our products are made from materials that those people devote their lives to making. I think that aspect is the essence of procurement.

We have many respectful colleagues.

I feel that many people are flexible and quick to get the job done. If you have self-initiative, people listen to you and give you opportunities to take on challenges.

The experience of struggles is also be a positive!

There are good things and tough things, but it’s a company that moves very fast, so even if you fail, there’s no time to dwell on it. You have to immediately move on to the next task. However, I feel that difficulties really can make up for experiences and strong skills.

Opportunities for a variety of experiences within the company.

I’ve had different jobs in the C&P team. I went from indirect to materials and then packages. I’m truly grateful to be given the opportunity to challenge myself after I said I want to try working with packages.

Rieko is looking for people to join Danone who want to rediscover themselves and build up knowledge and experience!