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I manage the accounting team.

I wanted to join Danone after hearing about the opportunities provided by the company and the job description. The experience is definitely in line with my expectations.

My journey so far

Adaptation to Change

The leadership that the company has shown due to external impacts, such as the pandemic, has been amazingly flexible and with rapid decisions. 

The company's vision focusing on health matches the changing world today.

Professionals all around

People are aware of their own capabilities and are passionate about their professions. This makes it easy for everyone to know where to turn to in order to get the job done.

Cross functional involvement

There's always lots going in our every day lives at Danone.  Traditionally the accounting function does not diverge much into other areas. At Danone, we regularly get involved in projects, and especially working with diffferent functional teams. 

Most of the time, we’re working toward our company vision: One Planet. One Health. 

Training is diverse and opportunities are vast

Build transparent environment

We have been able to build highly transparent relationships, speaking freely with our leaders and providing feedback to others in a constructive manner. 

Danone Japan is a relatively small organisation, though we are part of a large global group, and there are so many opporutnities not just to communicate with many different people but also to develop yourself here. 


Takako is looking for flexible and active learners to join Danone. Sounds like you?