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Stockholm Office


With an activity-based office, just 5 minutes from Stockholm City, 130 employees from more than 15 different nationalities meet to collaborate and co-create innovative ideas. Since Sweden is the biggest market in our region, our office in Stockholm functions like an informal head office, meaning we serve as a meeting hub, connecting our businesses and employees across our markets. 

Lunnarp Factory

Österlen, Skåne

At our factory in Lunnarp, Skåne, innovations have been produced for over 80 years. Since 2016 Danone has solely produced plant-based products such as local jewel ProViva and global brand Alpro. Our team of 120 employees works in both international and local settings and keeps growing as we continue to invest in our factory, positioning our factory as the go-to plant-based factory in Danone. 

Helsinki & Turku Offices


We have two lovely offices in Finland, one in center of Helsinki and one by the water in Turku. Our team consists of 51 people working across our categories, ranging from Alpro and Actimel to our health care business Nutricia. We value having close collaboration with our colleagues situated both locally and regionally and we enjoy when we get the opportunity to all meet up!

Copenhagen Office


You find our office in Allerød, just outside of Copenhagen. We gather our 30 employees in Denmark for initiatives such as catering lunch and other engaging activities through which we co-build a friendly atmosphere. With most of our sales organizations travelling across the country, we make use of our digital communication platforms and stay connected to one another.

Oslo Office


We are a close-knit team, being the smallest office in the region. Since our sales team operates across the country, we take every chance we get to meet up at our modern office space in Oslo. Norway is an emerging market for our plant-based brand Alpro and an established market for our health care business Nutricia, offering an exciting and fast-moving environment for our 25 employees. 

Riga Office

Jauna Teika

With our office located in the heart of Riga's trendy area of Jauna Teika, we thrive working together as a team. We are proud to operate in an international environment without losing our friendly and supportive culture. At the moment our team consists of 70 people working with international brands such as Aptamil, Nutricia, Milupa and Alpro, and we continue to grow.