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Hi, my name is Piotr

I’m Factory Logistic Team Shift Leader

I have been working here since 2006. At that time, when I was looking for a job and I chose DANONE, the most important thing for me was "a large company, great development opportunities, employment stability".

My journey so far
  • External agency
  • Warehouseman
  • Senior warehouseman
  • Shift leader

I’m inspired by challenges, difficult topics to explain

I like working at DANONE because I can do something for others, I can suggest improvements, I can improve my knowledge.

I have learned how to make yogurt and I am able to teach my children good habits. Working in Logistics is a daily challenge, no two days are the same.

Professionalism and mutual help
Professionalism and mutual help

The company devotes a lot of time and attention to me

At DANONE, we know that the company will not exist without good employees. People are the foundation you need to invest in. I appreciate working at DANONE due to the employees' respect for each other, openness, family atmosphere and safety.

I’m constantly developing myself

I’m is interested in the duties of an engineer, I implement innovations and improvements in the warehouse. I carry out non-standard projects such as large-size transport.

I motivate my team to participate in the "Master of Precision" competition. I also often perform the tasks of a Warehouseman - loading and unloading goods, collecting goods from production.

Learning to manage a team helps me deal with many problems

Safety is super important

I have been working at Danone for 15 years and it can be said that this is my first company. Danone supports its employees a lot, invests in their development and requires a lot in terms of safety.

Piotr is looking for commited and ambitious people to join DANONE. Sounds like you?