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Hi, my name is Marta

I’m Market Research Junior Manager

I'm responsible for preparing market analyzes, following trends and supporting Marketing team in understanding changes in food market.

My journey so far
  • Revenue Management Specialist
  • Market Research Junior Manager

One Planet. One Health in practice

Thanks to my work, I support the activities and development of a company which in its mission is guided by the good of our planet and the health of consumers.

As a member of the Strategy & Insights team, I can directly influence decisions made in terms of products, their formula or type of packaging, based on the research and analyzes carried out.

I appreciate DANONE the most for its atmosphere
I appreciate DANONE the most for its atmosphere

DANONE cares about employees.

Starting from very transparent internal communication, through numerous employee benefits, and ending with a very extensive employee development program that covers everyone without exception.

I cooperate and exchange knowledge with other markets

I am eagerly involved in organizing training sessions in the field of market data for new people in the organization.

Sharing knowledge and meeting new people are the things that give me great pleasure.

I got to know how the leader of the FMCG industry works

Skills that will be useful in the future

Thanks to everyday cooperation with my team, but also people from other departments, I have a unique opportunity to learn from them and use tools (both internal and external) that I have not had contact with so far.

Marta is looking for open minded and ambitious people to join DANONE. Sounds like you?