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Our Learning & Rewards

Learning at your fingertips

We’ll provide you with the tools, resources, and expertise to help you build your career. Tell us your aspirations, we’ll give you a wealth of support to get you there!

Zoe, Regulatory Affairs Manager

"It’s not somewhere you will stagnate, there’s always opportunity to try something new in terms of role, responsibilities, and even location."

ensuring you achieve your goals

Every year, you'll engage in a meaningful development conversation with your people manager, leading to a dynamic development plan filled with actionable steps that align with your aspirations and your people manager's expectations.


We encourage you to revisit your plan regularly to achieve your goals.


Nicola, Head of Controlling and Business Excellence

"You can go in so many different directions here, the opportunities are in abundance."

embracing the 'squiggly' career path

Squiggly careers embrace nonlinear paths, transferable skills, and constant learning. We recognise there is no longer a one size fits all approach to careers, learning and development. You are in the driving seat of your career and are encouraged to explore what is possible to develop new skills. You will design your own purposeful career and we will support and inspire you to achieve your goals.


Aleks, Production Team Leader

"The support of Danone has shaped who I am today. For everyone who is ambitious, who wants to learn new skills, or broaden their knowledge, Danone is the best place to be!"

a diverse range of options

We understand that 70% of your learning comes from on-the-job experiences, while 20% emerges from interactions with others. But we also believe in the power of dedicated learning time – that essential 10%.


You'll have access to local and global opportunities, from in-person training sessions to immersive virtual experiences.


Paul, Commercial Finance Director

"Our online learning platform has so many courses and learning material, to learn different elements of our business."


You will discover over 16,000 courses led by industry experts, with 60+ new additions each week. Tailor your learning journey, whether it's a quick 2-minute tip or an in-depth session.


Pause, rewind, and skip through content at your convenience. Elevate your skills, anytime, anywhere.


Helen, Head of Talent & Learning

"As well as formal offerings to learn and train I feel like I’ve been able to learn every day at Danone through the people and how we work."

Our culture thrives on peer-to-peer support

We're all about the power of collaboration. When you join us, you'll have a buddy to guide you through Life at Danone and we'll empower you to find solutions through valuable coaching experiences.


All people managers have access to our training academy, to provide a best-in-class people manager experience to all employees.


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reward & benefits

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Curious to discover our Ireland Reward & benefits?

From Holiday to Healthcare, we have a comprehensive benefits package to suit your lifestyle. 

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