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Our early career opportunities are designed to empower you on your professional journey, ensuring you have the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in your chosen career.

Your Danone journey begins with a comprehensive functional onboarding experience, setting you up for success from day one. From there, you'll embark on a carefully crafted development plan to expand your horizons and develop invaluable skills and insights. 

You'll have access to high-quality learning and development support, including peer-to-peer coaching sessions and a series of business knowledge modules, all geared towards fostering your personal growth and deepening your understanding of the Danone ecosystem.

You'll receive continuous feedback to help you stretch your boundaries, cultivate self-awareness, and gauge your progress.

As you near the end of the program, you'll seamlessly transition into your target role, equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed, excel and advance rapidly.

You're right on time to shape your future and make a meaningful impact at Danone!

What you’ll experience

Deliver high performance...

If you’re motivated to deliver high performance, kickstart your career with a £34,000 competitive starting salary, we’ll recognise your hard work with bi-annual salary reviews and flexible working.


Enjoy our comprehensive benefits package, which includes 25 days of annual leave, attractive gym and retail discounts. Access to our competitive pension and healthcare plans, well-being offerings, and, of course, our iconic Danone products!

A tight-knit peer group...

You will gain comprehensive support for developing technical and professional skills and enhancing job-related knowledge and expertise. Your growth will be fostered through on the job learning, supplemented by learning plans & peer-peer coaching, giving you full business breadth.


You will benefit from a tight-knit peer group that accelerates learning via coaching and development sessions. Additionally, you will attend crucial business knowledge modules for a holistic grasp of Danone's operations.


Our opportunities


Driving business performance

We have our fingers on the pulse of the business, driving performance by sharing key insights and guiding and informing key outcomes to drive value.


You will be comfortable working on your own and know when to seek support. You will be a great relationship builder, who can pick up systems, processes & technology with ease. While a basic finance understanding is helpful, a passion for learning is what truly counts. 

Healthcare Field Sales

Championing our clinically unrivaled products

Collaborating with healthcare professionals to champion the adoption of our products through in-person, virtual or telephone meetings.


You will engage with healthcare professionals in both hospital & community settings, whilst being responsible for executing targeted product campaigns aligned with national & local strategies. You will utilise internal resources and share valuable customer insights within the organisation.

Human Resources

Safeguarding our most valuable assets

Playing a key role in creating and executing our strategic people plan, aligned with our business goals. We safeguard our most valuable assets – our people and culture.

We're a forward-thinking team, that prioritises efficiency, expertise, and adaptability. We're deeply integrated with the business, providing insights to shape HR strategies and cultivate leadership and culture.

IT & Data

Fuelling business growth

Delivering top-tier systems and technical expertise. Our mission: "Fuelling Danone with data & tech inspiration and empowerment," aligns with our One Planet. One Health vision for sustainable, profitable growth. 


You’ll collaborate with third-party tech suppliers for product enhancements to testing solutions and facilitating workshops for future needs and current solution value—every day is dynamic.


Crafting brand legacies

Taking centre stage in shaping the future of our brands. They are the architects of brand strategy, they don't just market products; they craft brand legacies.


In this role, you'll step into the role of a storyteller, armed with the power to influence stakeholders and direct projects that drive brand and business growth.


You’ll be a storyteller and will analyse and dissect multiple data sources, deciphering brand performance. Our Marketing team is your gateway to shape the destiny of our iconic brands.


Fostering profitable growth

Fostering profitable growth by closely aligning with the broader business strategy to enhance sales, cash flow, and overall profitability. Collaboration with various departments and functions is key to our success, ensuring a holistic approach to achieving our goals.


You will be a self-motivated professional with strong judgement, and problem-solving abilities. You’ll thrive in both collaborative team environments and alone. Your skills in prioritisation, planning, and managing crucial stakeholder relationships will be instrumental in our continued success.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Powering our business

Collaborating across functions to successfully deliver our products to the consumer.


You will thrive on problem-solving, efficiency, and celebrating wins. By joining the team, you will gain skills in networking, stakeholder management, key business systems, time management, and effective communication. 

You're not early talent, you're right on time!

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