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Hi, I'm Ethan

I'm a Product Development Manager

I work within the research and innovation team, innovating and developing recipes for our nutritious products, and collaborating with the different teams involved in bringing a product to market.

My journey so far
  • Assistant Basepowder Technologist
  • Junior Manager R&D
  • Product Development Technologist
  • Product Development Manager

Benefits for the company and the consumer

My role is all about coming up with ideas that other people haven't thought about and putting them into practice to improve our products. Using clinical studies and consumer experience we’ve been able to improve our products way beyond where we thought they could go. Additionally, I look to improve recipes in a way that can assist the business in terms of costs savings. So, I think I make a real impact in my role, both for the business and for the end consumer as well.

It’s a fun place to work!
It’s a fun place to work!

Relaxed but always professional

Everyone here is friendly and gets along well, but we aren't afraid to challenge each other. It’s a relaxed environment, we try to inject as much fun as we can into the work and the culture around it.

Step out, step up and define your career

If you can see where improvements can be made, or that something can be done in a different way, then people are always willing to listen to you, feedback is always welcomed. There’s plenty of opportunities to define where you want to go in your career. That might be a big step like moving overseas, or just small steps such as identifying a project you’d like to work on or spending time with someone from a different function to see what kind of work they do. 

Decisions are turned into actions

I’m driving my career, with support from my managers. There’s great training, from online resources to access to global experts. I’m encouraged to consider where I want to be in three or five years and build a plan to get there. It’s not a box-ticking exercise, it’s backed up with action.

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Ethan is looking for energetic and entrepreneurial people to join Danone. Does this sound like you?