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Hello, I’m Dorine

I’m a Senior Project Technologist

I’m part of the operational organisation at the Haps factory. I focus on bringing new innovations and projects to our factory, to improve our production of infant formula.

My journey so far
  • Danoner since 2000
  • Product Technologist
  • Qualification & Validation Technologist
  • Senior Project Technologist

Dynamic and challenging

I love working with the operations team, collaborating to find solutions that bring new opportunities and make things more efficient. Our factory is full of new technology and new innovations. It’s dynamic, and it’s challenging to bring everything together and see new recipes turn into tangible products that have a positive impact on our consumers.

I can be myself here.
I can be myself here.

Collaboration and balance

We’re well-supported by our HR and management teams and there’s a good work-life balance. The communication style between teams is quite informal, it’s a big company but we can all be ourselves.

Freedom and appreciation

Everyone has a lot of freedom to decide day to day how they do things, and we’re given the responsibility to look after our own development. We have goals and targets in our work but how we achieve them is something we can define ourselves. If you have a great idea that will benefit the company, it’s listened to and much appreciated, and there are many opportunities to realize.

My managers have helped me grow.

Enthusiasm and investment

There are so many opportunities at Danone if you want to develop. The company wants people to grow and invests in us. There’s always something happening here, and everyone has enthusiasm to try new things. I’ve had some great managers and they’ve been extremely helpful in my development.

Dorine is looking for energetic and entrepreneurial people to join Danone. Sounds like you.