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Explore Danone on these different countries and join our teams 


Danone Russia represents almost 80% of Danone business in the CIS Region. The employees of Danone Russia contribute to what our future will be tomorrow.

The Company rapidly develops several business lines at once: production of essential dairy and plant-based products, specialized nutrition (baby food and medical nutrition) and waters. 


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Danone has been present in Belarus for more than 15 years and sells a wide range of products under trademarks: Aktimel, Activia, Rastishka, Danissimo, Danone, Prostokvashino and others.

Danone Belarus is a tight-knit team of professionals, as well as an opportunity to gain some experience of working internationally, explore various business areas and build a career from an expert to a manager.


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Danone Kazakhstan means several brands and about 300 employees. The Company produces dairy products not only from cow's milk, but also traditional products from mare's and camel's milk.

Danone Kazakhstan rapidly develops 2 businesses: essential dairy and plant-based products and specialized nutrition. 


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