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Hello, I'm Etienne. 

Hello, I'm Etienne.

I joined Danone Japan following my graduation.

I'm in charge of a Cost of Goods Comsumer at Finance department.

My journey so far

Be proud of my job

At the Center of the organization.

As part of the controlling team, we are the trusted source of information for other departments. We can help teams to understand their financial performance, while directly influencing and supporting strategic directions.

People are just so nice at Danone Japan!
People are just so nice at Danone Japan!

Inclusion & Divercity

I have often heard it said that it is the people that make Danone so special, and for me that is definitely true. With an atmosphere based on Inclusion & Diversity, that brings together many different people in one place. Professionally, I also get to work with experts in their fields every day, who are always willing to support others. 

Growth goes hand in hand with Sustainability

We can all have an impact on the organization. There is a strong sense of common purpose in meeting Danone’s commitment; growth goes hand in hand with sustainability. 

In the meantime, there are a lot of projects that the operations teams are working on, I am always surprised th see the incredible new ideas that can help this commitment and I look forward to Danone’s continued future actions in the Japanese Market & Society.

Age is no barrier to challenging opportunities.

We can grow professionally & personally.

The business in Japan has been growing steadily in recent years.  

Regardless of your seniority level, you have the opportunity to be challenged and listened to. There is no wrong idea, you can learn through constructive feedbacks from countless perspectives.

As well, I was able to do my first volunteer action in Japan thanks to Danone, which encourages such initiatives.

Etienne is looking for people with a Team Player mindset capable of Thinking out of the Box to join Danone!