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Hello, I'm Hidetoshi

Hello, I'm Hidetoshi

I’m belonging to Value&Impulse Channel team and in charge of drugstore and discount shop as a sales representative. 

I joined Danone in 2010.

My journey so far

Delicious and healthy days for consumers.

Since I deal with everyday health products, I find it very rewarding when consumers eat yogurt and gain healthy happiness because of my hard work. I think the interesting part of this job is that we can see the results of our work when we see our products in supermarkets and convenience stores.

Sales point of Danone Japan

Whether you’re in a high or low position, it’s a positive workplace that gives you challenges you can face head-on. There’s a very strong culture here that encourages you to stay positive and take on challenges instead of avoiding them.

A mindset that turns a pinch into an opportunity

It can happen anytime, but when something unexpected occurs, it’s hard to deal with it. For example, we didn’t anticipate the recent surge in prices or the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a struggle because we had to take different action and communicate differently than usual, but I believe those challenges will turn out to be opportunities. They helped me make new friends and cultivate new ways of thinking.

Self-Growth to Team Growth

Anyone can start growing at any time.

At first, my first priority was to increase my own numbers, but now, as a manager, I’ve a broader perspective of improving the team as a whole, and driving teamwide sales.

Thanks to Danone’s culture of supporting employee growth, I now feel that my big mission is to be involved in others’ growth as well as my own personal growth.

Hidetoshi is looking for people to join Danone who seek personal growth and eagerly take on challenges!