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Hello, I'm Itaru!

Hi, I am Itaru.

I am a  Senior R&I Manager.  

Responsible for innovation and new product development projects for dairy brands of Danone Japan, including BIO, OIKOS, Danone yogurt, Baby Danone, Petit Danone and others.

My journey so far

Team Danone is One Team.

When I joined the BIO team, we were at a time when sales were shrinking year after year.

So there was many things done as whole team marketing, R&I, and also all the cross functional team  work hard. Some very good strategies came out of that, and product development went very well.

As a result we were able to understand our consumers.

At the end, we feel it was a necessary challenge to grow. I think I am most proud of the fact that we were able to do this with the whole cross-functional team.

What is very "Danone" about it?

It is diversity.

Look at R&I's team. Half of the team is non-Japanese.

We talk a lot and bring different ideas to work every day.

This leads to innovation.

No Challenges No Inovation

There are of course many difficult areas.

It is how to find the consumer of the product and really understand the consumer's needs.


What you need to do for innovation is to keep testing and keep challenging yourself. For example, you can test 20 or 30 times and still not get results. So it is very rewarding when you succeed.

Very Open culture

 I think Danone a company that everyone can talk freely.

No need to be worried because, like, boss didn't like, you talk like that or this is opinion that is not against someone on the your manager, it doesn't matter you have your voice and you. 

Basically, most of time you'll be respected.

Itaru is looking for passionate people to join Danone!