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Hello! I’m Mike

I’m a Shift Leader

I’ve been at the Nutricia factory in Haps since it opened up, and I’ve seen all aspects of our production process from start to finish. I’ve worked my way up and it’s an honour to lead my team.

My journey so far
  • Danoner since 2018
  • Cell Facilitator
  • Shift Leader

Encouragement and attention to detail

I make sure that my team is aware of our achievements and shares in the success that our work helps to create. It’s an encouraging thing to highlight the impact we all make. I pay attention to our business strategies and identify what’s most important for me and my team to focus on making the biggest impact.

A family-business feel.
A family-business feel.

More than just colleagues

Everyone here can just be themselves; it feels like a family business. You get to know a lot of people really quickly and we care about each other as people, not just as colleagues that we work with.

It’s in our nature to make things better

To improve our efficiencies, I’ve got involved in a project to reduce wastewater in our production procedures. It’s an ongoing project that’s not in the scope of my job role, but I’m working with my team and with management to improve things. It’s just in the nature of Danoners to want to get involved and make things better.

If you’re willing to learn, there’s plenty to explore.

Be heard and develop

At Danone, if you speak up with an idea then it gets listened to, which is a great first step for development. You’re taken seriously from day one, there’s lots of training opportunities, and if you present yourself as willing then you can grow a lot here.

Mike is looking for energetic and entrepreneurial people to join Danone. Sounds like you.