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Anti Fraud Notice


“Danone has become aware of several number of recruitment frauds happening around the globe where people are connecting with job seekers claiming to represent Danone.

Danone wants to warn you that you can only apply through its global career website at Careers at Danone | Danone.

We reinforce that no other channel is authorized to receive resumes or collect personal data on behalf of Danone, and that we DO NOT charge for any application no matter the stage of the selection and hiring process.

Moreover, please note that our recruiters will not ask you for personally identifying information such a passport information, birth certificate, social security number, driver’s license number, or banking/financial information over the phone/text/WhatsApp or social media or email.

If you are considered for a role at Danone you will be contacted in one of the following ways:

  • Correspondence through our job applicant system, with a danone.com email listed in the body of the email
  • An email directly from a member of the Danone Global  Talent Acquisition team or Human Resource Business Partner.
    • This can be through a danone.com email or through LinkedIn or Indeed, but will not be through other social media apps (such as Facebook, WhatsApp or others)
  • A direct phone call from a member of the Danone Global Talent Acquisition team or Human Resource Business Partner.
    • If you are contacted via the phone, you should ask the person who contacted you to verify their identity via a danone.com email

If you believe you are a victim of identity theft, please contact your local police department.

If I you are victim of another type of fraud involving Danone or any violation of our Code of business conduct, please raise your concern on the Danone Ethics Line”.