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Hello, I’m Amanda.

I'm a HR Advisor

I am part of our Talent & Learning team, I work to deliver our leadership programmes and instruction led training, equipping our Danoners with all they need to manage their learning journey. I also bring data and insights to inform decisions on our people cycle. 

My journey so far

Making change from day one!

In my role I look at a lot of data, this data will be discussed and create actions which impact how we recruit into the business. For many they see the data as facts and figures, but for me, there’s a person behind that and it’s great to know the work I’m doing is having a direct impact. 

"I feel a part of something great"
"I feel a part of something great"

Your opinion is valued

Danone has an amazing culture, and the heart of that is it’s people. I am allowed to be my complete self every day, often bringing a different lens to things, which is valued and respected. 

I’m always encouraged to get involved in things that interest me

I am part of our Employee Consultative Forum (ECF) set up to focus on our Danoners wellbeing. It’s great to work with ECF reps from across the business, to shape initiatives that will improve how our colleagues feel. It’s also a great way for me to network and learn more about our business and broaden my knowledge. 

It’s a great environment to grow!

There’s opportunities for everyone.

Learning at Danone is constantly evolving and our offerings growing, everyone has opportunities to take up learnings that suit them and at their own pace. It’s been really great to do some skills-based learning via our online platform, which has really helped me in my day-to-day role.  

My journey so far
  • Talent & Learning Coordinator
  • HR Advisor

Amanda is looking for passionate people to join her at Danone!