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Hello! I’m Matt.

I’m a Homeward Enteral Nurse

I provide dedicated enteral feeding care to paediatric patients in their homes. My main aim is to reduce hospitalisations and support my patients and their families.

My journey so far

No two days are the same!

I work across my community, caring for 300+ patients, supporting them and their family members, as well as providing vital training to healthcare professionals to ensure they are up to date with best practice. It’s so rewarding to see the work I am doing making a big impact on people’s health and lives. 

"I work hard and feel valued"
"I work hard and feel valued"

A great formula of respect and motivation.

We receive great recognition for a ‘job well done’ which helps us to see the difference we are making. There’s a great sense of team, and we all share a similar attitude to the work we do and the impact we make. 

Not just a nurse...

My manager knows it is important for me to feel challenged and encourages me to get involved in projects which I find both interesting and testing. This could range from a Sustainability initiative, to being involved in research or even creating a podcast for our patients. The opportunities are plentiful and there for the taking! 

There’s always an opportunity to learn.

Build your own career path

I joined as a qualified adult nurse and seized an opportunity to do something different. With the support of my manager, I was able to complete training to move into the Paediatric team, something I hadn’t previously considered. There is ample opportunity to learn and grow and shape a career path that suits you. 

Our community nurses work in the field with our patients and health care professionals. Want to join our growing team?