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Hi, I’m Nicola

I’m Head of Invoicing to Cash

Collaborating with a brilliant team, I'm a key business partner for multiple teams, with sales being a focal point. My responsibilities range from managing pricing claims and keeping invoices in check to monitoring the financial impact of promotions. 


Building relationships is paramount, given the multitude of stakeholders. This role allows me to gain a deep understanding of the commercial side of our business and maintain strong connections with Danone Business Services globally and locally.

My journey so far

Together, we get great things done.

I get a real kick from seeing my team enjoying their work and seeing them develop. I’ve been involved in the development of a number of initiatives to improve our procedures and processes, always with a great team around me, all going for it and making an impact, together.

"There’s a unique culture here"
"There’s a unique culture here"

Danone is all about its people

We’re trusted to be bold, and encouraged to not fear failure. No matter who you are in the business, at every level you have autonomy in your role to try new things and change things for the better.

There’s always lots to get involved in!

If you show an interest in something that will help your development and career, it's absolutely encouraged. Danone wants us to develop cross-functional expertise, and we get a much broader experience as a result. You get to meet new people, you see what goes on beyond your department, and it makes for a really interesting working life.

The learning opportunities are vast!

Build a career and make lifelong friends.

If you’re willing to learn and try things you will thrive here. It’s fast-paced, but if you have the mindset to give things a go, the opportunities are there in abundance. You can go in so many different directions here. I’ve built such a great network and made lifelong friends.

My journey so far
  • Accounting and Reporting Manager
  • Head of Accounts Payable & Treasury
  • Head of Business Controlling and Excellence
  • Head of Invoicing to Cash

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