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Hi there. I’m Aleks.

I’m a Reliability Process Engineer.

I actively combat finished goods losses (FGL). Through audits, I ensure effective cleaning in place (CIP) of our equipment, maintaining top-tier product quality. Uncovering non-conformities during audits, I address them to transform today's challenges into tomorrow's triumphs, preventing product non-conformities (PNC) and customer complaints.

My journey so far

Standing by our values.

I’m proud to work in the food industry, and at Danone we have a real commitment to our values in terms of making sure we keep people and the planet healthy. I’m a father, and I’d like to leave the planet in the best possible condition for my children and their children. We put real effort into improving sustainability, and everyone here has a part to play.

"I have a great support network around me."
"I have a great support network around me."

A family feel.

Danone genuinely cares for us, and our development is paramount for the business. We’re asked for our opinions and we get listened to. My manager’s door is always open to discuss problems and ideas.

I’m passionate about helping others.

I’m always keen to do something extra, such as helping colleagues or finding ways to do things better. I’ve never shied away from sharing my ideas and they are always appreciated, so I’ve been able to bring in ways of working that have made things better for all my team. I was given the opportunity to be a part of a health and safety committee, it helps everyone feel they are cared for, and helps make sure they go home safely when they finish work.

There’s great resources to help me develop.

Everyone has an equal chance to advance their career.

For everyone who is ambitious, who wants to learn new skills, or broaden their knowledge, Danone is the best place to be! The support and the resources are fantastic. I’ve benefited from extensive internal and external training programmes, and the support of the company has shaped who I am today.

My journey so far
  • Warehouse Operative
  • Sterilizer Operator
  • Production Team Leader
  • Reliability Process Engineer

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