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Hello everyone, I'm Corentin!

I am Procurement Lead for Third Party Manufacturers

It is my job to buy finished goods which we do not produce in our Danone factories. This is all about selecting the right suppliers and building excellent working relationships.

My journey so far

My role is about managing risk

I am a key player in ensuring our products do not carry any risks, from both a compliance perspective but also by ensuring a steady supply from our suppliers.

I work to get best products for the best price, and which meet the needs of both the business and our consumers

It’s more than just a job.
It’s more than just a job.

Health is number 1!

We as a company are all about health, and that is felt as an employee also.

There will always be work to be done, emails to send etc but we are encouraged to put our health first, ensuring we get enough time to switch off and create a good balance.

At Danone it’s all about the how and less about the what. 

Flexibility to choose

I’ve always had opportunities to get involved in that interest me, which may be outside of my usual remit.

I was given the opportunity to lead on our BCorp accreditation, which was such a great experience, I learned so much working cross functionally and got to meet lots of different people across the business. 

A wealth of opportunities

I’ve grown a lot in my 5 years here!

There is a big focus on people potential here, there’s always opportunities to try new things and grow, not always following a traditional career path.

I have been lucky to move between functions in my time here and utilise my transversal skills to create a career path unique to me.

My journey so far
  • Supply Account Manager
  • Innovation Planner
  • Procurement Lead

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