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Hi, I'm Helen!

I'm Head of Talent & Learning

It’s my responsibility to ensure we are growing our internal talent, as well as finding the best external talent to join our business.


I want to ensure that everyone at Danone has a positive experience and feels challenged, motivated and included. 

My journey so far

Innovating and staying one step ahead

The role I do means I can directly impact how our ‘Danoners’ feel and how their journey with Danone is shaped. I could be working on redesigning processes to ensure we are bringing diverse talent into the business, or creating innovative learning frameworks, setting our people up for success in the future.

I love working for a business which is having such a positive impact on the planet and its people, and its so rewarding to lead the team that open’s the doors for others to join us. 

I get great energy from those around me.
I get great energy from those around me.

Its HOW we do things.

As a business there has to be structure and process, but so much of how we work at Danone is through the informal connections and relationships we have.

It’s our ‘Danoners’ that make Danone.

Allowing people’s passions

There’s great opportunities to pursue your passions at Danone and grow the scope of your role to help satisfy those.

I’ve been fortunate over the years to get involved in many things outside of my role, which helps bring great variety to my work, keeping me energised and motivated, whilst also learning and growing.

Learn and grow everyday

If you like variety, pace and people, it’s a great place to be!

As well as formal offerings to learn and train I feel like I’ve been able to learn every day at Danone through the people and how we work.


There’s this great culture of learning from each other, we’re open to sharing our experiences and learning to help one another. It’s a big reason to why I have been working here for more than 14 years! 

My journey so far
  • Category Controller
  • Organisational Change Manager
  • Human Resources Business Partner
  • Talent & Learning Director

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