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Hello, I’m Ian.

I am the Head of Business Solutions (Operations)

Operations is the engine room of our company! 

I make sure we have effective systems which enable us to develop, manufacture & deliver fantastic products to our consumers. 

My journey so far

The impact I make keeps me full of energy.

I’ve been at Danone for over twenty years, starting as a trainee on a temporary contract. I’ve seen so many changes in the world of IT, and I’ve been involved in many different aspects of IT at Danone. I leverage technology as a strategic differentiator, I understand the business challenges & put the right solutions in place, helping Danone to operate as efficiently as possible. Being able to impact how a particular department or business works positively is satisfying.

"Everyone enjoys the same great level of support."
"Everyone enjoys the same great level of support."

People-centricity is our strongest attribute.

There’s a focus on wellbeing and people-centricity that runs through Danone’s veins naturally. The working environment is a key reason why I've been here so long. I feel valued on a day to day basis.

Giving something back.

I’ve been able to get involved in our Corporate and Social Responsibility activities, meeting young people and talking to them about the business, and my role, to help them prepare for the world of work. I’ve built up so much experience over the years, and it’s great to be able to help. Plus I’m working with colleagues across the world to highlight best practice. Working on different projects is an energy booster. I’ve always had great support, and I love being able to give something back.

I’ve developed a rich set of skills.

Plentiful opportunities to grow

If you’ve got the attitude to try everything then there is much to explore. And if you put your hand up and ask, often opportunities will be created for you. Additionally, there’s some great secondments available that allow everyone to try something new, to develop their skills and build a network.

My journey so far
  • IT Trainee
  • Business Systems Manager
  • Head of Infastructure & End User Support
  • Head of Business Solutions (Operations)

Ian is looking for passionate people to join us