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Hello. I'm Alexandra.

I have been with Danone more than 5 years.

I work as a PRGM manager. My team and I are responsible for what product, in what packaging and at what price should meet our customers on the store shelf.

My journey so far
  • BI analyst
  • Territory Sales Manager
  • Shopper Activation Manager
  • PRGM Manager

My biggest motivation is making an impact to the world around me

My approach is that every day you need to do some right things – not only in relation to the process that you are doing, but also to people. Therefore, I try to do at least one good deed in relation to myself or to the team: to conduct work competently, to minimize mistakes. This mission – bringing health to every home – in my opinion, very strongly reflects our approach to work.

I am a team player, and without a team it is very difficult for me
I am a team player, and without a team it is very difficult for me

I am proud of my team

We have a cool team from the point of view of personalities – everyone is very friendly, they treat their work responsibly and never take rash steps.

You can really build your career the way you want

Very often you will have to make decisions in uncertain situations, when there is no stereotyped, ready answer, and you must take responsibility for this decision. But all our line managers are ready to help in every possible way so that you get the most versatile experience, and, which is very important, this experience is very much appreciated, you are not learning all this in vain.

Don't be afraid of any limits

You build your career on your own

At Danone, there are no restrictions on how to build your career. It is important to clearly set a goal and go towards it, and if something is not clear, if something does not work out, you should not be afraid to ask your colleagues for advice, because you will never be left in trouble.

Alexandra is looking for energetic and ambitious people to join Danone. Be with us.