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Hi, I'm Anna

I work as a CBS Tax and Statutory Reporting Supervisor

My team is involved in the monthly closing process. We receive the results of national bookkeeping and tax accounting, then we generate reports and calculate the tax.

We help Danone to maintain continuous business

At some point we became responsible for national and tax reporting and I became a supervisor of a group within the department. The position has become a challenge for me, both in terms of responsibility for the workflow and in terms of building relationships with colleagues. The first achievement of our updated team was that the large-scale transfer took place in a way that the business did not notice the changes and the "moving" of the function to another city, the work continued, the processes worked.

I accept individuality of my colleagues and try to find approach to everyone
I accept individuality of my colleagues and try to find approach to everyone

The first thing i noticed was how Danone takes care of employees

The confidence that you will receive support in difficult situations pushes the fear of failing into the background and the energy goes into a productive channel for mastering new things.

Danone gives you an opportunity to try yourself in new specialities

You always have people to ask about new vacancy, learn its responsibilities, learn skills and competencies needed for interesting position in other function or stream. You can evaluate your strengths. If you have the desire you will find an opportunity.

Don't be afraid to try new things! This is your opportunity!

Danone has a special, positive attitude to employee training and development

And it brings results. I see the growth of everyone in my group: there are tasks in which I was previously asked to actively help, participate, and now my colleagues are doing an excellent job themselves offering their own solutions to complex issues. I am pleased to say that our cooperation has been established in such a way that I can entrust the task with confidence that it will be completed perfectly.

Anna is looking for energetic and pushful people to join Danone. Sounds like you.