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Hi, I'm Konstantin

I work as a Logistics Director

My job is to deliver Danone food products to our customers' outlets on time and with impeccable quality.

Focus on flexibility

Danone is a very fast company. Its success depends strongly on the professionalism of the people, on the team, and this is what makes Danone stand out. We can promptly respond to challenges, crises, resolve them, work with complex, problematic situations.


It's great when people are caught up in one common, big idea. And no matter what day of the week it is, what time, evening, night. If we need to solve a problem, we get together and just solve it, wherever we are.

People who don't just work for the sake of work, but are passionate about a common idea
People who don't just work for the sake of work, but are passionate about a common idea

I am definitely proud of my team of true professionals

Working with colleagues is a real drive. It is an energy that allows you to be pleased with your work, to enjoy what you do.

I have implemented projects that no one initially believed in

My work is always full of non-standard solutions, because you never know how this or that project will run or how this or that partner will behave. There were situations when it seemed that it was hopeless, but there was a way out. During 8 years at Danone I have seen a lot. I managed to prevent uncontrollable inflationary processes in the company, to drive down prices, to maintain the quality, and to deliver the same scope of services as stipulated by the contract.

I believe that there is no growth without effort

Half of success is desire and belief that anything is possible

Danone is the market leader and, accordingly, logistics at Danone is one of the strongest on the market. Only a few companies can boast such powerful logistics. All innovations require new approaches, new methods, which we refine and develop.

Konstantin is looking for energetic and ambitious people to join Danone. Be with us.