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Hi, I'm Nikolay

I am an industrial technologist

I am responsible for the quality of the product, full compliance with the production technology and for the optimization of losses and costs. That is, my task is to produce high-quality Danone products with minimal costs.

Caring for the world and the future

Danone is a special culture. I have not seen this in other companies. It is serious social orientation, respect for people in our principles, in our leadership model. It is very important for me. Because the desire to come here generally depends on the atmosphere at work. In complex projects, you can express your opinion and you know that they will listen to it, since it is important for us not only what needs to be done, but also how it will be done.

Any innovation is, first of all, the work of teams
Any innovation is, first of all, the work of teams

We implement projects together

We are open, we look at the needs of production, we receive feedback, attracting additional resources. What we do is really important and necessary.

We don't stand still

We always have creative challenges, because we are not directly involved in the release of the product. There are fewer routine operations in our work, but we must always come up with something new, optimize what we have now.


Therefore, my work is always full of new challenges and every day I need to go beyond the limits in order to be ahead. In our work, we do not draw a strict framework, so we always get involved in some common projects together with our colleagues.

Develop as you want

I lead a team and develop expertise

I am developing as an expert, because we are constantly looking for innovative approaches to solving problems, reducing losses. At the same time, I lead a team, so I develop my leadership qualities. This is a challenge for me, managing people is the most difficult thing, because you need to find a personal approach to everyone.

Nikolay is looking for energetic and pushful people to join Danone. Sounds like you.