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Hi everyone, I’m Koen

I’m a Demand and Logistics Manager

I’m focused on making sure our products reach our customers’ warehouses efficiently, on demand, and cost-effectively.

My journey so far
  • Danoner since 2016
  • Junior Demand Planner
  • Demand Planning Manager
  • Logistics & Demand Planning Manager

Helping the company and helping the planet

Without logistics there's no sales, so our impact on the business is huge. If we make a mistake in planning and we miss our promotion volumes, then we miss a big chunk of net sales for the company. And on the other hand, if we over produce, we end up with waste, and a direct negative impact on our profitability and on the environment. Our mission of One planet. One health is really important to my work; making sure that generations that come after us have a nice planet to live on.

It feels like a family, we find joy in what we do!
It feels like a family, we find joy in what we do!

Sharing ideas and working with purpose

I’m part of a small close-knit team, it feels like a family business. We share ideas and opinions, everyone finds joy in what they do, everybody feels that they are doing a job with purpose.

Freedom to develop and be yourself

Danone is entrepreneurial, everybody gets a lot of freedom to work on the things that they believe in, as long as it fits our wider purpose. We have the freedom to move and to develop ourselves the way we would like. It’s quite informal, nobody wears a suit and tie. Danone has a relaxed atmosphere, we’re a diverse team, and we can be ourselves.

It’s fast-moving here, with lots of opportunities.

Look ahead and be ambitious

We work in a fast-moving environment, so there are always opportunities opening up. It’s important to put yourself in a position to take advantage and express what you want. We have annual development conversations and we’re encouraged to look ahead and be ambitious.

Koen is looking for energetic and entrepreneurial people to join Danone. Sounds like you.