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our teams

Various teams all working together to achieve our One Planet. One Health vision.


At Danone, innovation is our driving force. We're dedicated to crafting food solutions with cutting-edge formulas, processes, and packaging. Our commitment to innovation ensures you get the best, and it fuels our business growth. Join us in shaping a healthier, tastier future!


We're all about growth. We create consumer-focused strategies and unforgettable customer experiences that showcase the advantages of our products and innovations. Building strong relationships is at the heart of our mission, connecting our brands with healthcare professionals, consumers, and stakeholders for a brighter future.


We produce high quality products and supply them to meet the demands of our stakeholders and follow up on our logistics processes from supplier up to the end user fostering collaboration across Danone's functions. From our Benelux production sites we supply our products to 55 countries in the world. And we're fully dedicated to maintaining our commitment to environmental sustainability.


Given the important role of our products in the lives of our customers and patients, our key driver is to manufacture the best products using the newest technology and run our processes in the most efficient way. Within our work, we always look for an optimal balance between safety, quality, costs and lead time.


Our roles range from technical expertise to business leadership. The core focus is foreseeing and assessing the financial outcomes of our choices and charting the optimal path ahead. We collaborate with teams throughout the company to ensure Danone continues to grow.


Every day, our sales teams are designing strategies and building relationships across regions, across categories and across the business to raise awareness of our products. As a sales expert you can grow into a manager, lead category/channel development, become an expert in healthcare, or manage our key accounts.


Cycles & Procurement play a vital role in supporting our 'One Planet. One Health' vision. Our primary focus is on efficiently using and reusing resources throughout our entire supply chain. With Cycles, we ensure the protection and sustainability of our key resources (Milk, Water, and Packaging). Through how and what we source we can shape the world we live in.


We make sure everything Danone does is rooted in quality – right along the value chain. From product innovations and ingredient choice, through to our marketing and delivery methods, it’s our job to ensure consumers get the very best.


Our mission is to cultivate Danone's unique culture and help the business sustainably grow. We attract talent, empower and support our people to develop. Most importantly, we take pride in making a positive impact on society as a whole.

Information Technology

Transformation, innovation and efficiency all play a big part in our role at Danone. We make sure people have the systems and equipment they need, look for new ways we can use technology and introduce innovations that help the business sustainably grow. If you are tech savvy and interested in being on the edge of discovery, development and innovation, there is likely no better area to be in.

Medical Affairs

We are the nutritional and scientific backbone of the business and drive our medical strategy, events and education. We address relevant needs in clinical practice and translate science into demand, build credibility and generate business. Together with our stakeholders and opinion leaders we set up research initiatives and partnerships to further improve patient care.