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Hey, I'm German

I'm Global Digital Manufacturing Senior Manager

In my role, I focus on improving productivity across Danone’s factories by implementing digital solutions. The job definitely comes with its share of challenges and changes, and that requires a lot of flexibility. At the same time, as a manager, I am continuously learning how to lead my team so they feel comfortable and valued. It’s a steep learning curve, but one that I’ve been loving so far!

My journey so far
  • Danoner since 2018
  • Senior Project Manager Operations
  • Global Digital Manufacturing Manager
  • Global Digital Manufacturing Senior Manager

Creating a paperless factory

About three years ago, I started a so-called ‘paperless initiative’ to impact our factories. Now, I’m very proud to say that we have achieved our first entirely paperless factory here at Danone. Besides the amazing work that we do for our customers, I recognize the impact that I can make on the planet by working at Danone. That’s something that really resonates with me on a personal level. 

“At Danone, we function as a team. And that teamwork makes all the difference in the world.”
“At Danone, we function as a team. And that teamwork makes all the difference in the world.”

Teamwork makes a difference

Working at Danone, you’ll quickly notice that the people here are genuinely very kind. Whether you talk to a VP, a factory worker, or a marketing manager, everyone treats you well and is open to meaningful conversations. While my day-to-day job can be very hectic, I never feel that the burden is all on me. We function as a team, and that teamwork makes all the difference in the world.

It goes beyond the day to day

I’m always seeking ways to help our factories improve. That involves thinking creatively, identifying potential solutions, and pushing the boundaries. As long as my ideas bring value to the organization and our customers, Danone encourages me to explore and implement them. That freedom is essential to me and it fuels my passion for improvement even more. 

You're encouraged to look for your next step.

You have the freedom to grow and develop


Growth is important to me, both at work and in my personal life. Here at Danone, you can own your development completely. What I mean by that, is that you are free to define your journey and career path, with plenty of people around you to help you reach your goals. It has allowed me to continuously improve my career at Danone, and keep finding new opportunities that excite and interest me. 

German is looking for proactive people who love to take on challenges. Sounds like you?