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Hi there, I’m Sandra

I’m an IT Manager based in Belgium

We provide end-user workplace support for all kinds of IT across Danone’s offices and factories in Belgium and the Netherlands. 

My journey so far
  • Danoner since 2021
  • IT Manager Benelux

Less paper, more efficiency

Right now, our teams are involved in the Digital Manufacturing Acceleration projects. It’s helping us to become paperless in our factories and much better connected with all workers on a day-to day basis. We’re seeing efficiency improvements and problems are reported and resolved more quickly. The impact across the business will be huge, and it’s really rewarding to be involved. 

It’s great to feel valued!
It’s great to feel valued!

Maintaining a healthy team

Danone really looks after us. There’s a great work-life balance with flexible and hybrid working. We’re supported to be healthy and active, they even provide health checks, which I really appreciate. 

I love sharing my other talents!

Away from my day job, I’m involved in helping people improve their public speaking skills. I’ve helped speakers at TEDxAntwerp and now do regular workshops for Danoners to help them get better at presenting and public speaking. It’s not part of my job, but it’s part of who I am. I really enjoy doing it, it’s fun to share my secret talent, and it’s lovely that people appreciate me helping them. 

Sharing my experiences helps my team grow

Investing in talent

I’ve been supported to access all kinds of valuable training and guidance to help my development. It’s great to see a company investing in its people. And in turn I’m involved in coaching and training my team, helping them improve their skills by sharing my experience. 

Sandra is looking for energetic and entrepreneurial people to join Danone. Sounds like you.