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We want to empower employees to make a difference. 
They drive our movement to make the world healthier and are steering us to a sustainable future.

B Corp Certification

Our ambition is to be one of the first multinationals to achieve full B CorpTM Certification, with the aim to lead sustainable business into the mainstream. B Corps are companies that meet the highest standards of social and environmental impact. Being a B Corp means that you are conducting business in a way that brings benefits not only for the shareholders, but also for the employees, customers, society, subcontractors and the environment. It is a way of doing business, not just a certification.

Educating all our employees on how to be responsible consumers

In collaboration with Unitar we have created the e-learning One Planet One Health shared both externally and internally. Through this training we educate all Danoners, from factory floors and offices, on how we as individuals can change our consumer behavior and make sustainable choices in terms of recycling and when visiting the grocery store.