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(Japanese Language Required)HRBP D2D Manager

  • Posted: 12 Jul 2022
  • Human Resources
  • Tatebayashi
  • Japan

About the job

Implement the HR policy to provide the necessary HR service or support normal operation of the factory, closely cooperate with departments and provide targeted training and development for all levels of employees, continuously improve the workers' job skills, and reserve talents for the sustainable development of the business. Optimize the organizational structure.

About you

- Major: Management related majors

- Education: Bachelor degree or above

- Industry/Professional Experience: At least 5 years of working experience in a foreign-funded enterprise engaged in HR work, and a deep understanding and practical experience in two or more modules of human resources.

- Management experience: At least 2 years of work experience in HR manager or minister position

About us

1. Safety R&R
Strictly implement the 5S standards in the workplace, pay attention to the safety, immediately stop and correct unsafe behaviors, report hidden dangers, use and properly keep various labor protection supplies and appliances, and actively participate in safety knowledge and skills training. Actively put forward reasonable suggestions and participate in various safety activities as required by the factory

2. Staffing and Recruitment
Develop overall staff planning according to the factory business plan, organize the personnel budgets for various departments, and organize the recruitment of appropriate employees according to personnel budgets and job requirements

3. Learning & Development
- According to the needs of talent development and business development, formulate the factory's annual training plan, and follow up the implementation of the training plan and the verification of the effect;
- Continue to promote people development projects (TDP, NIF), conduct regular assessments of technicians, senior technicians, chief technicians, and senior chief technicians, effectively identify personnel at all levels, and formulate targeted learning plans to help them grow. A positive learning corporate culture is formed inside the factory.

4. Performance Management
- Effectively use performance management tools, implement the HQ performance policy, and promote the establishment of an effective annual, quarterly, and monthly performance evaluation system for each position in the factory;
- Through training and guidance, help business departments have a correct understanding of performance goal setting and performance evaluation, improve the quality and effect of goal setting, evaluation, and result application, and establish a high-performance culture.

5. Re-Org and Change Management
− Make appropriate optimization and adjustments to the factory's organizational structure and personnel in conjunction with business transformation to provide guarantee for the sustainable development of the factor
− In the process of organizational transformation, through targeted communication and training, ensure the smooth advancement of organizational transformation.

6. People Cost Control
Continuously analyze, monitor and optimize labor costs through a variety of effective methods to ensure that labor costs are within the budget.

7. Admin Management
Responsible for reviewing related administrative rules and regulations such as employee dormitories, dining halls, vehicles, security, etc., guiding subordinates in daily administrative management and implementation, and providing necessary administrative services and continuous improvement for the normal operation of the company

8. Company Culture
- The publicity and promotion of Danone's corporate culture in the factory to ensure that outstanding corporate culture concepts are passed on and displayed in the behavior of employees at all levels;
- Propaganda and implementation of communication materials and cultural projects related to business and culture at the factory level

9. Employee Relations
Strengthen regular and irregular communication with employees or employee representatives, understand the voice of employees, and strengthen employee relations.
- Properly handle various labor relationship disputes that may occur within the factory, and coordinate the handling of the reasonable interests of both employees and the factory;
- Strengthen the communication with the factory labor union and the labor management department in the area where the factory is located, and maintain a good relationship.

10. Team Management
The growth of the HR team in the factory. Promote the growth of subordinates through training, work guidance, job rotation, and incentive mechanisms

Application procedure

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