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I'm in the sales team, and I'm a senior sales specialist.

When I first joined Danone, I expected a very competitive environment. Danone provides an at home environment, and people are friendly and warm. 

My journey so far

We are a global company, with emphasis on local business

It's easy to feel the global presence and it's amazing to hear English used regularly in the workplace.  Though the emphasis is on the local business and this is a good thing. 

Communication is key

Clear communication is key for our work. Our team works remotely and we make use of communication tools to share best practices and learn new ways.

We want to focus on quality over quantity, so it's not about how many hours of work you put in, but on the achievements attained. 


Rewards for achievement

It's amazing that you can get the next assignment after being evaluated and it's based on your achievements, and there is a sense of speed.

Things happen quickly in our company and this matches the changing business environment. Even basics of how sales is done is changing and this is how we could improve ourselves and make an impact on business results. 


Growing with the company

The company is growing, and we are also given many opportunities to develop ourselves. 


Kazuya is looking for strong communicators and people with different experiences to join Danone.